Wisdom on the Mountain

It was during a magical moment of connection and receiving with one of my business partners, a new higher depth of wisdom came whispering into me. Yes, my business partners are horses, amazing, beautiful and my wisest guides. Always inspiring me into re-member what I had forgotten, lifting the veils of separation.

On this particular day the sun was shinning softly, Teri Wilder, Gong Master had come to WindHorse to provide a Sacred Sound Meditation, and the Dream Transporter was filled with participants experiencing a personal vibrational journey through sound healing frequencies.

I noticed my partners, the Horse Tribal Herd were gathered around, standing quietly together. To some this may have been perceived as if they were dozing in the warmth of the day. However, it was so much more than that. They were assisting all that came that day, holding Sacred Space assisting in the healing of others and also receiving for themselves.

Tuning into the Tribal Herd, my WindHorse Family energies, the young mare stepped forward, our energies merging as she pranced into my heart. My vision began to shift, she pulled my attention, my focus softened, beyond what was here as the vibrations from the gong moved though us.

It had recently been challenging times for me personally. Maybe you for you also and perhaps you noticed the energies coming onto the planet have taken a big shift.

As energies shift, so must our cells in order to bring more of our Spirit into Human form. The challenge: the densities of long held energies releasing, being pushed out which causes pain and discord within the physical and emotional bodies.

The animals, they have their challenges too, and this mare knew I was concerned about what she had been going through and also, what I was going through also.

As the vibrations from the Gong continued to move to and through us, I asked her for help becoming acutely aware that my Horse friend was taking me on journey. This internal journey started in my heart, expanding outward…. gazing at a mountain, beyond…

It is my hope that what was shared with me will inspire you to connect to your Wisdom on the Mountain…

“Look at me! I am working through my pain. I am growing, I am young, I am wise in my eyes as I look toward the mountains and imagine my wisdom of a greater age. The pain is the path to the wisdom. I am strong, and I am willing. Connect with me as I walk through to healing, to love, and I will help you release. When it is gone, know that it is gone. You may feel it revisit, but you simply close your fear receptors and allow it to release. Ask for help, and release the fear to the divine, to the source, where it is transformed to love, as all emotions are.  And when you do this ASK ME FOR HELP. I am Divine. I am loved and birthed from my mother as you are from the Goddess.”

I felt my eyes leaking as my heart began to glow and grow. The energies of her words of Wisdom that she gifted me with remain with me. And yes, I too sometimes have to remind myself, to choose not to revisit what I have released.