There appears to be many conversations with lots of energy surrounding the upcoming Solar Eclipse, have you noticed?

What to do? Or What it’s all about? Or what to expect?

I’m not writing about any of that. After all, only you will experience from your own amazing perception through this auspicious timing.

Perhaps you will glean something from this tale I’m about to share. The gist of it is about being eclipsed and the ability to call oneself out with absolute trust of Self. Releasing the illusion of duality (separation) that’s held deeply within the human conditioning. Then freedom, drinking the sweet nectar of Wisdom.

This story took place as a child and accumulated in 2003 while building our home. It’s an experience of living in multi-focus – 5D, in the here and now and there and now, all taking place at the same moment. (which I began affectionately calling my Schizophrenic Effect).

I was cleaning my barn, what I call my manure-tating moments and this morning I began with pondering being Soul-ular Eclipsed; inside and the reflective outside.

It was then that I felt sensed, What’s in your closet…. ?”  And flashed to one of many life transforming experiences.

This tale goes something like this…

A storm was blowing onto the desert, a low whistle could be heard as the wind found a way to come through the closed windows. I could hear the owl sitting on the tree outside, then later, landing atop the roof of our home, it was calling my name… guiding me into the profound depths of consciousness.

This lovey creature of the night let out a strange sound that translated into a snicker, gently reminding me of my humanness and to relax, to allow, to trust. To breathe.

Sometimes this is easier said then done. Right? To allow, to trust, to breathe, and let alone relax and release all at the same time?

On this particular night my trusted friend the Owl began guiding me to and through long held, deeply embedded perceptions within my psyche that had been eclipsing me. Perceived  projections of Duality – Light or Dark, Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, etc..etc…

What happened next I didn’t plan on, it just happened. That is one of the amazing beauties that comes when allowing and letting go of agendas and expectations on outcomes. Life celebration happens!

Again, I understand it’s easy to say and can be challenging to initiate. The idea to allow without pesky thoughts of fixing or changing anything. And I am and will always be grateful to my Healing Herd and all of Nature, always nudging me and others who venture to WindHorse to expand and experience beyond limiting self-definitions and long held identities.

Oops, got off track… or did I?

Back to my little tale…

It was the owl who (that’s funny to write, Who, since they do whoot who!) called me out, whispering loudly…  stop fighting within yourcell(f), come join me with your eyes of heart wide open…

And so I did.

All the sudden a past childhood fear filled with memories and emotions of monsters under my bed and in my closet came rushing up into my awareness…  they were calling to me, I could feel their breath as they were lurking, watching, waiting…

Can you relate?

If so, let it be an opportunity to laugh at yourself with the knowingness and awareness that if the monsters really wanted to get you, well, they would have.

This is where it gets tricky to express… the experience of the multi-focus with multi-feeling, being present in the here, there, now all at the same time… unattached…

I was laying in bed exhausted, the moon and stars hidden behind the clouds from the approaching storm. The soothing sounds of the owl’s whoot whoo’s could still be heard and felt as the room seemed darker than usual.

In this darkness I could hear my husbands breath, his deep sleep breathing. ‘Must be nice,’ I heard the voice in my head say while I was feeling mycellves on high alert.

I began observing myself, experiencing what I had hid away long ago… hiding my face under the covers with only my nose and eyes wide open peeking out, not allowing a foot or arm to hang off the bed and for darn sure, making certain the closet doors are closed!

My body was tense… the memory exploded… I felt the energy presence… Under the bed… no wait, there in my closet, the monster… Quick, close the closet doors! My other version/aspect screamed… followed by:  “Oh no! There are no doors on the closet! Oh Crap!” I heard my then present version say.

At the same time I could feel the younger version, the aspect of myself stuck filled with terror as my body reacted to my mind wanting to distract, trying to make sense of it all and couldn’t.

The owl hooted it’s soothing whoo again reminding me to relax into myself, breathe, allow. Which of course is totally opposite of what the mind/ego/reactive body wanted to do.

“Come on out, I know your there, might as well come out and show yourself!” I heard a voice sound.

Was that me? Sounded like me… What the heck was I thinking calling this ‘thing’ out… And yet I continued to call this dark, this monster out of it’s hiding place…

And out it came… closer…

There I was, eyes wide open, fully present within this experience as the dark energy stepped out of the shadows of the closet. A shiver ran to and through me, realizing it was even darker now than when I was a child, it was pitch black, as black could be.

Breathe… I heard myself say to myself… seems I had stopped.

I could sense it’s form, a silhouette, a shape that appeared darker than the darkness of the room. And it didn’t look human, only a strange outlined shape with arms, legs, a torso and a head…

The sense of being breathed took over as the old deep feeling of being vulnerability rose from the depths and became aware I was facing a great core and conditioned human fear that had eclipsed me for many years… That I would be taken over… That I was bad… etc… etc…

I took another full expanding breath…

In that moment a shift began to take place inside of me and also with the monster I was now facing…

The body of the monster, what appeared to be skin on it’s arms, legs and body began to change as if being pulled back, ripping open and the most amazing colors began to glow and radiate.

In my semi-altered state I recognized new freedom rising from the depths, my freer self merging, filling me with new awareness, a new sense of beauty, an unseen radiance beyond the human eyes. A Soul gift sense of beauty that shifted my perceptions about my universe and how I create my reality.

This version/aspect of me had been eclipsed, I called it out, beyond the preconceived perceptions, projections, beliefs and programs and imprints of separation. The duality illusion shattered.

Then and now, laughter erupts again, deep Soulful laughter fills my cells with the joy of self-realization, self-discovery; exposing feelings never felt before, combined with a slurping wisdom sounds filled with clarity, deeper understanding, true compassion and knowingness.

During my integration and for a few moments I pondered…  Was it the dark merging with the light or the light merging with the dark? Was it human merging with Soul or Soul merging with human?

What do you think?

The answer came from my night flying friend, the whoot from the owl, like a trumpet sounding, lighting up the night… It’s both!

Energy Management Navigation Tip…
Everything is energy, it is neutral, here to serve me/you, it’s me/you who puts the spin on it with how I/you consciously “choose” to perceive it.