It was a day that appeared to be like another, at least that was my minds perception and wanted me to believe.

I had no idea that this day would shake me to the core of my existence and have my brain slapping from side to side for sometime.

It was a day that made the impossible Possible.

Where do I start? Where I always start, taking a deep breath…

For those who have not yet ventured to WindHorse ranch, it is a magical place. A place of transformation and transmutation. Where Nature opens her arms to embrace us with divine nurturing and healing.

Like I said before, it appeared to be like another day. It was an experience, one of many that have changed my life and my understanding of life, time and space, manifestation, creation, aspects of self, this reality and parallel realities and true divine power.

dingo & brombie copyI was walking in the desert, well roaming actually. Going out onto the land with no destination in mind.

Two of my faithful companions were with me. Dingo and Brombie, that was the names they went by and they were disguised as dogs.

Each day we would head out for an adventure. Yes, we were very excited about our walk-about, the dogs jumping, barking expressing joy. And of course, smelling all the newness of the day on each and every bush.

A peaceful and quiet day, the suns heat gentle on my skin with a slight breeze gliding through and around me.

And in a moment it all changed…

I was bending over picking up treasures, shards of ancient clay pots. Something caught my attention, bones! I moved towards them, they were 4 or 5 steps away when I heard it coming.

A vehicle coming down the road. Fast. Very fast.

And yet, everything slowed down. I could see the truck and Dingo running towards it. This was new, hadn’t done that before, I remember hearing myself say to myself.

My internal awareness expanded, a knowingness of what was going to happen. Have you ever had that? Just knew without knowing why? A moment of intuitiveness coming together with knowingness? And at the same time the mind “trying to figure it out?”

An inner feeling, nonlinear awareness, strength expanded. A moment beyond the minds ability to even have any thoughts or emotions tied to the outcome.

When we are open, allowing, trusting in the moment amazing things happen. It is only after the moment that the mind wants to do it’s “figuring out dance.”

The nano second went something like this: I heard the roar of the truck, I saw it happening, Dingo being hit, run over and then rolling on the road and then the dust settling…

And at the same time I heard and felt myself close my eyes and yell… NO!!!

I often wonder now if that was an outside scream or an inside scream. Then realize it doesn’t matter. Another mind game.

Within the next moment, a blink, there was Dingo sitting at my side looking up at me. His happy face shinning up at me as his eyes squinted and mouth curled in a smile.

What just happened? I questioned to Dingo. That was something?!

I could now see the truck, the driver turning around to come back and check. He was standing in disbelief, apologizing profusely as he described feeling the dog being run over.

I felt Dingo over as he sat next to Brombie, both appearing to be ready to get moving on our walk. I heard the driver of the truck shaking his head, mumbling to himself  in disbelief and not understanding what just took place as he walked away, then drive off.

It was an experience that changed my life and shifted perception to be sure. What really did happen? How did that happen?

Shifting realities..

As I mentioned, the head wants to know, to repeat the story over and over after the experience has taken place. And I spent much of the rest of that day in my head, trying to figure out what did happen. This of course became a mouse trap. Oh, how the mind wants to control and even mimics feelings with emotions. And this became a, well, pain in the head.

When we stop “trying to figure it out or make sense of what the mind cannot make sense out of life changes. When we expand our awareness or consciousness, Magic and miracles come to us all the time. A deep space opens within our hearts.

When we allow ours(c)elves to FEEL and breathe through the fear, through the stuck emotional energies, we sense our Self, our amazing Creatress/Creator Self on the other side with a Welcome Home sign!
And from within that deep inner space of allowing ourCelves we have a new sense arising as the/your Soul distills all experiences and sends wisdom back to us/you.

A gift forgotten and remembered…

Later that day with Dingo again at my side and Bombie was snoozing in front of me holding space, within dingostillness, I asked the question…

I sat with my arm around Dingo gazing softly off across the desert. His gentle breathing, his fur soft, the warmth of the sun. I listened…

The answer came. It was so simple… Not in words, not in human words, after all Dingo is not human. It was full body visceral sensations… a reminder of what was hidden away – “you CAN shift realities, stop time, bend time, slow it down and speed it up. And if you choose, you can jump onto a different time line. If you allow. It is always your choice and you are always creating new realities all the time either consciously or unconsciously.”

Dingo and Brombie brought me into a deeper understanding of time and space and Brombie later would provide me with a new understanding of reality and illusion which I will share at another time.

It is thru the gift of reflection I have told this little tale. It has taken a few years to fully integrate that moment, that experience to own that I can and do shift realities and bend time all the time and that you can too. And mostly to be able to share with you, that it is  does not have to be so dramatic and can be simple.

Dingo and Brombie are no longer in their dog disguise. Yes, both still exist, they have only changed form and their energies are always providing joyful dog barks and licks; guides within my heart.

Curious to discover and expand your awareness of how you can release the old time “stories line”, create new timelines, manifest and time bend? It is always your choice.

Ready to play?

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