“Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” ~Henry David Thoreau~

This is a heads up, HorseHealing Gateway is changing, evolving.  And as you know with change, well, sometimes it can be messy. I have been sorting services offered and some are renewing, others being left aside as new ones are created.

I am currently offering sessions, and with all my sessions, each are experiential organically created to fit your personal unique needs. Due to the new energies within the expansion of conscious creation, best to call or text to set up a free consultation.  520-682-4447

In the meantime I invite you to come along a experience, a  master muse sharing. It’s wrapped within the folds of other culminating experiences that fully brought forth my new name and soon to be my new home on the web.

This experience came with a few magnificent critters that live within my ever changing magical mystical desert landscape creation here. An unfolding within many experiences, layers of realities, realms and dimensions with past, present, future all now. A time where I became expanded, accepting, open to receiving more of my Souls beauty and strength while stepping into directions beyond what I could of imagined at that timing.

It’s a simple gentle invite, to join with me in an experience to receive and enjoy the depths of Nature’s gifts and surprises. Perhaps you’ll gather some insights, allow shifts in perceptions and open the magic, transcendence within your Self.

Come along… have an experience, you don’t even have to go any where.

Now, hmmmmm… where to start? Its like the question when someone asks “how you doing?” Odd question theses days. Right? I’ll just start at the ending of the beginning and the beginning of the ending. Truly, there is no beginning nor ending, no death or birth. And with that, yes, there is always more.

So let’s jump into the circular spiraling of life…

Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, sit back, give yourself a few effortless deep breaths, softening, relaxing within yourself. A simple relaxing, like floating down a lazy river, or on a crystal clear lake with nothing to do, no where to go, nothing to fix…

Breathe, open your curiosity and imagination (i-magi-nation) as we go now beyond the surface; stepping back from the trees and dance within the forest.

Or in this case, the richness within the vastness that our wild desert offers with the big blue sky above.

Ready? Here we go..

A equinox far, far away long ago and not so long ago… A timing when the rains had come and gone. The air spoke of our lands change in rhythm as the little critters were already gathering, rejoicing earths bounty prepared for them.

The day had heated up, the sun in its zenith within a cloudless sky as Desert Walker and I finished our walk about communing with our lands Nature Spirits. I sat on the dirt under the horses shaded area. Relaxed, enjoying listening to the soothing rhythmical musical munching sounds of Walker standing beside me, around me and within me.

It had been a rough few years and I could still taste the bittersweet moments within lifetimes assisting those of my WindHorse Soul Family with their exit plans out of form. The most recent a few months before this experience. At times in pure Beauty and joy, knowing without words. Then with lighting chasing thunder being stuck in the grave, or never here at all or sitting in an empty stall… Oh wait, those are other master muses for another sharing.

Back to Here…

Sitting in the shade, gazing at my red steps in the center our sacred circle, drinking in beautiful munching music, weaving breath with Desert Walker, my lone WindHorse Soul Family in form.

My decision was made, to release HorseHealing Gateway. What would evolve and emerge? I didn’t know fully yet, only to stay open, receiving, allowing it to be revealed as the veils fell.

Sitting there I became very aware of the presence of all my non form WindHorse Soul Family including my K-9 six pack.

Without thinking or thought I began acknowledging and honoring the courage and strength within all others that have come to HHG to be in experience within Nature’s classroom. Admiring, appreciating the vulnerability and willingness they all had and have, to come and get to know them Selves.

It wasn’t always comfortable as sometimes the bruised, hurt, wounded, rejected aspects of themselves with heavy emotions were reflected back by my WindHorse Family of Beings.

I saw my Self moving around, weaving breath, at times making sounds that for some would become words.  I was translating what the Horse was offering with their gentle nudges and not so gentle nudges.  I’d provide the introductions to their aspects, guiding and teaching how they could alchemise their aspects along with the heavy emotional energies, release imprints, programs of old energy designs as they opened to receive their Truer Natural Creative Beauty.

When it seemed too much the hawk would appear, soaring above the circle, spiraling and dissolving into blue sky. Or a buzzing bee to provide physical movement when energies became contracted. And, as if cued, the grand particles of laughter rolling in waves as one of the chickens jumps in to play the reflection/projection game too; scratching and pecking around in a pile of horse poop. No translation needed there!


And yes, our K-9 family 6 pack in service, sitting on laps or laying at the side of those who sat observing. Sometimes coming into the circle interlacing their magic, gifting to each person personally.

I was seeing, experiencing this all simultaneously, here now while deeply sensing the presence of my WindHorse Soul Family in non-form standing next to each of the participants.

It was an odd feeling at first; being aware of all those who had ever come to experience them Self within the circle and all those gathered outside the circle observing, co-creating as well.

I was also conscious of my self inside the circle standing next to the red steps with each participant that had ever come and with the horse that chose them. And at the same timing I was outside the circle, sitting with all those that came and were observing. All woven, creating a beautiful tapestry of energy dancing with consciousness.

This was coming to me, spiraling through and around me here now, sitting, listening to the munching music that Walker was providing. All taking place I was resting in the shade, quiet, in stillness, sitting outside the circle, gazing at the red steps in the center of the circle.

The gravity of mass consciousness loosened, opening moments of no time/space, flowing, weaving breath from within the beauty of my true nature, allowing timeless spaciousness to envelop me. Realizing what felt like a trance, an altered state was actually my Natural State of Being that I hid away from myself long ago.

And here now, a smile arising from deep within my hearts wisdom, knowing that a delicious treat was being prepared to unfold.  A new stage was being set center circle next to the red steps…

Setting the Stage…

With a few full deep conscious breaths – in and out – open, sensing, receiving… I sat back, sinking deeper, expanding into myself, intrigued as the play began to unfold all at once…

Slightly off center within our lands sacred circle, I sensed a presence as the players began to appear…

The first player arriving on the stage was a young and very cute baby round tailed ground squirrel. A statue, that for many may have gone unnoticed as its body seemed to blend with the coloring of our desert sands. Only its’ little tail noticed, continuing to wave back and forth, back and forth like a flag on a gentle effortless breeze.

I took a breath…


And then flashing twinkles, drinking in moments where I have sat for hours on many occasions observing the squirrels pure playfulness within life and with each other; digging holes and tunnels, or tussling about with each other.

Many occasions I would experience deep belly laughing with them as they developed their acrobatic skills climbing trees gathering the finest mesquite beans. Or when I would be gazing out my kitchen window and they would be sitting within the bird feeder filling their cheeks with tasty treats.

Another presence a few inches from my red steps in the center of the circle, another player had arrived. The mom squirrel, I call Silvia stepped onto the stage standing next to a hole that opened up into the earth next to the red steps.

She made no audible sound as her energies spoke volumes. I silently honored her with respect and gratitude…


In an instant two more baby squirrels appeared, one a couple feet in front of its mom and the other baby, a few feet off to the left of it’s mom, Silvia.

I knew it was their first venturing out from their nest within the earth, and taking a breath, with no words or pictures, I offered a gentle honoring and respect to these new players arrival…


At the same timing I noticed the energy shift, everything, even the desert became quiet and still. The munching music coming from Walker dissolved as I sensed another presence, a different player showed its’ self. I knew her instantly. She has made her appearance for 7 or more years, showing up in different places around our desert landscape.

I felt into glimmers, going into my barn and taking pause, startled for a moment as she would be looking for mice. Other times bursting out in song expressing joy filled delight discovering a beautiful treasured gift for me. Her fully shedded skin!

Her name? Delilah. She is a 6’ 1/2’ long gofer snake and now, here she was stretched out along the railing inside the circle, 5 feet in front of me.

With a gentle nod, silently honoring her…


The Stage is Set…

Intuitively knowing the new stage was set, all the actors in place. I continued to observe, reminding myself to stay open within my curiosity and to be still, allowing the unknown to to become known. Fully aware a deep treasure trove would be relieved, and what that was, no idea yet, only to let the package unfold.

With a few deep cleansing breaths in and out..  the dance continued all at once…

Are you still with me dear reader? Let’s stop for a moment… have a sip of water, take a good deep breath, fully exhaling and just notice your own breathing flowing in and out… So simple… Awwwwww, well done!

Okay, Here We Go…

The baby to the left of Silvia ran out of the circle and disappeared under a family of creosote bushes. I heard myself asking, without any expectations of answers…   Did it go down another hole? Does that tunnel connect to the hole by my red steps? Will it get lost in the desert…?…

Suddenly the third baby that was standing a little in front of it’s mom and was now running straight to Delilah still stretched out appearing motionless, though very aware and awake. The mom running after her baby, however, the baby was already in Delilah’s mouth, her body curling around the baby squirrel. The flag tail squirrel stood motionless except for the continuing waving back and forth of its tail.

At the same timing the babies mom, Silvia, not making a sound as she now stood a couple of inches from Delilah. She was creating drumbeats with her hind foot that made no audible sound. I felt the rippling vibrations, frequencies traveling through the land, up my feet, into my trunk and coming to rest within the drumbeats of my hearts wisdom.

The munching music had stopped, and without turning towards Walker I could see he was very still, eyes and ears forward Walker standing over mewith fine fibers of hay still sticking out of his mouth. I asked, “are you getting this Walker!?”

Yes, he was also observing the players on stage, the snake and squirrels. And then within nonverbal language receiving a gentle… ‘pay attention’ as the rails of the circle became invisible – no separation.

The mom squirrel, running back towards the hole that she and her babies had emerged from next to the red steps. The flag tail squirrel no longer a statue was scampering towards its mom that was now standing next to the hole. At the same time another baby popped up out of the hole, turning instantly and back down the hole it went next to the red steps in the center of the circle.

For a moment I wondered… Was this the one that ran off disappearing into the desert under the creosote bush… Then coming back through one of their underground tunnels or a different one?

Doesn’t matter.

The flag tail waver on the move also disappearing down the hole with its mom, Silvia, following. As she was disappearing down the hole, Delilah was slithering along behind them and faded away down the hole into the earth next to the red steps.

The Empty Stage…

The stage was now empty, the grand players gone, only the hole remained next to the red steps in the center of the circle.

I sat for a moment becoming more moments, sensing, feeling into each player and the roles they played out for me. Thanking, appreciating each individually and together, Delilah, Silvia and her 3 babies.

The quiet stillness began to dissolve as Walkers munching music returned, reminding me that I was here. I offered admiration, gratitude to and for him assisting me to stay present. He knows how I can go off chasing butterflies sometimes.

And with me being who I am, I was there, standing next to the red steps and looking down at the hole and…

There was no hole.

I stood with what felt like lifetimes on wobble legs staring in disbelief, how could this be?

I began walking around looking for any signs, tracks, something, anything to prove what I had just experienced with the squirrels and the snake.

I was aware of my minds frustrations, wanting all its ducks in a row, proof and there was none. And yet, I walked around again hearing my mind saying, What?! No Hole!? There has to be something!

Beyond thinking or thoughts I began hearing my Self singing aloud a line from a Bob Sergers’ song… ‘Still runnin’ against the wind’… I then felt my Self laughing as I was saying out loud… ‘Yep, still happens sometimes, thanks Bobby!’

A few breaths, I became quiet entering stillness, empty openness, standing within my presence here now, again next to the red steps, looking down one more time where there was a hole and now, no hole….

Gazing over at Walker as I continued to weave breath .. Allowing my knowingness… It’s all within and it all comes to me… Then the caveat…. Not to judge when or how it comes.

Yes, there I was standing next to the red steps in the center of our circle on our land, looking down at no hole, breathing, allowing it to come to me…

I began sensing a gentle desert breeze coming across the desert, to, through and around me.

Gems of laughter cascading from within my beingness, listening to the desert breeze. The leaves on the eucalyptus trees were clapping, creating sounds, soft whispers on the wind, I stood in soft empty spaciousness, receiving, allowing it to come to me…

And it did…

Nothing is as it appears.


And now, dear reader I’m at the barn hanging out with Walker, we smile at each other as his nose is all green. The munching music has shifted into a mushing slurping sounds. I sense deeper into the expanding song of our energies communicating…

A celebration is taking place across our created landscape within non form and with us in form… A celebration for no reason at all.

What a grand beautiful song as we hang out singing together, breath weaving, knowing that it’s all within,  a dream projected out where we are walking together awake. Just happens at this timing, in this lifetime I am here in human form with Walker in horse form. He is assistng me here now, along with my WindHorse Soul Family in non form that continues to help me to receive, integrate (inner-grateness) walking within my Divinity/Soul.

It is always a joy and I am in joy hearing from you. Tell, share your experience dear reader – Remembering, sometimes the magic –  insights, shifts in perception, transcendence is in the telling. And one never really knows until one knows. And then remembers they’ve always known, only hid away from them self by them Self.

Perhaps like I did, what I’ve always been capable of and what I am calling my new home on the web…


I will keep you updated for when we launch. Now my dear reader, into the circular spiraling motion of life… with a smiling giggle in my heart …. Where did that butterfly go…..?

Oh! There it is, where it’s always been, sitting within my heart waiting, it’s wings tickling, whispering the waiting is over…

Thank you for sharing this muse with others. And mostly, thank you for the grand 23 years of HorseHealing Gateway! I am grateful to you dear reader, your assisting  your teaching, healing and growth, not only for me, for the WindHorse Soul Family and our created landscape here. Yes, there are no endings or beginnings, there is always more…

In elegance, ease, flowing grace, within joyful moments moving through me,