Single Journey Experiences

For those who have courageously experienced the Initiation Journey with the WindHorse Family. And desire to continue to step beyond, dissolving away the old rutted conditioning of the human framework of communication merging into energies that are spacious, rich and enriching.

This offering, an invite for you to continue gathering, shifting, lifting and integrating as you become aware of how quickly transformation can take place with The WindHorse Family that will continue to astound you!

Experiences that bring a profound inner knowingness, remembrance and understandings with the WindHorse Family are filled with expansion, transformation and transcending that are, at times ineffable to express.

  • Shifts and lifts perceptions that arise within you.
  • Opens, activates wondrous healing allowing you to function at many different levels, consciously.
  • Shortens and dissolves the need to reprocess and recreate in the same old way.

Surprised, hearing bursts of laughter as new awareness arise that you rise with. A realization that it’s your own joy bubbling up and out as you are catapulted into a life that has more meaning, substance and richness.

One hour Journey Experiences

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Add aside of Sol Star Touch

Light touch for deeper cellular clearing that Bridges your Soul with your Cells providing integration within your energy bodies, assisting lighter connections and nurturance that opens and expands New Pathways of Communication.

Before a session – Assists the process as a way to set the brain up for the transformation that takes place with Partnering with WindHorse experience.


After a session – Assists with keeping your New Pathways Open. Tune-ups that keeps the pathways for the new modalities of communication open and operating, as they tend to clog up, shut down and revert if not used.

30 minutes

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Initiation Journey Experience