A few years back I was gifted with a self healing ritual from my Tribal Herd. It is a ritual I have applied into creating my life, living the adventure of Spirit, and Sacred Soul with Joy, Freedom, Passion..

I hope that it will assist you when you are feeling energies that cause you inner conflict and pain. And that YOU CAN step further into Self- love & acceptance that leads to your authenticity and Truer Natural abilities to re-create your life.

I call it  “Shattered Glass.”

Pain of the past is only held in place by your own judgments; how you define yourself. You are your own worst enemy. You are your only enemy to put it accurately,”  whispered one of my horses.

Ouch! That stung. I could feel the discomfort rise within my body. Chest tightening; breath becoming shallow. And at the same time I felt the love and truth of these words gliding through my heart, landing deep within my Soul.

I saw the walls I clung to as well as the forts I built around myself, to keep imagined enemies out. Instead it was me locked in behind walls of judgments and my own projections. Tears fell gently as I recognized the consequences of that world, realizing I was my own hostage.

Opening my willingness to dive deeper, into the stillness I sank, asking, “What can I do to free myself?”

I gazed at the beauty and wonder of my horses standing within the stillness of morning light, reflecting to me my own beauty and wonder. I felt a gentle breeze that came with an answer..

“Change your mental habits!  Any ritual will do,” my heart whispered. “Throw a rock, Shatter the Glass each morning against the painted backdrop of your terrors.”

“Muster up more Self-love and fully embrace Self-acceptance. Ask yourself – What did you paint with your emotions, thoughts and actions on that blank canvas?”

With a deep breath, I threw a rock, I could hear and feel glass shattering within me and around me. Exhaling, a new painted backdrop began forming. One with new brighter colors, laced and aligned with emotional energies that uplifted me.

Again, I heard the soft whispering. “Throughout your day, gently ask yourself – What are you cultivating within your heart?”

I continue this ritual, allowing it to shift and change, some days I find more than one rock is needed, other days a little pebble will do to Shatter the Glass.

© HHG 2015