Phone Experiences

Phone experiences allows for those who live outside the WindHorse Ranch area to connect, grow and heal in a different way. Many clients regularly schedule phone sessions, discovering abilities with new capabilities bubbling up from within their own spiritual growth and integration with their expansive Souls expressions.

Because there is truly no separation, just as your personal guides may not ‘appear’ to be present in physical form, they are with you. They are always present supporting you no matter what is taking place within your life creations.

Partnering without the WindHorse Family by phone experiences, the same goes. Meaning, during our time together I am also in connection with them, my WindHorse Family, as well as fully tuned into your personal guides and you.

A bridge is created, I translate the energies of what is being shared within the moment. It’s a supportive opportunity to be guided and free up congested energies causing pain, frustration and discord; moving beyond the old heavy painful foundational paths. You are guided, fully supported as you lift perceptions that you rise with, align and merge with the unique Truer Natural Identity that is You!

By Phone experiences are designed for your personal wants. For you and with you to experience the Joy of Self Discovery within a sense of expansion with Applied Consciousness Entrainment:

  • To live in lighter dimensions
  • To experience lighter emotional energies for communication
  • To feel and know your connection to everything
  • To understand and experience how all energies serve Us as conscious Beings and how we can choose

You’re invited to connect – Heal, expand, transform via Phone Experiences. You’ll be led and you’ll take the lead as you glide with grace into knowing yourSelf intimately; experiencing New Pathways of Communication Opening into living your creations within the lighter realms of a new Earth reality.