Phone Experience

A free flowing conversation, we start with the energies present within the call as you’re guided to step out and beyond; a clearing out the deepest and most familiar ruts of limitations. Together we’ll unravel what dwells within your subconscious and unconsciously creates patterns of discord within your life.

This style of experiences is accumulative as it guides you into entering coves of peace; embracing your Souls passion and joy in your heart and radiating out by:

  • Lifting and adjusting perceptions that release painful symptoms, patterns and programs.
  • Dissolving away unresolved emotions, throwing out the mind games and egos defenses.
  • Living from your infinite creative potential, rather than from the history of your past creations.

The time we spend together Bridges your Soul with your Cells. It brings clarity, Opening New Light-filled Pathways of the New Energies as Communication at a deep level of consciousness.

One Hour Sessions:

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Other Partnering without Horse Sessions:

Hands on Cellular Clearing Experience