Partnering with Horse

There is just such wonderment with profound shifts in consciousness that take place deep within you with the WindHorse Family that can only truly be seen/felt/sensed, experienced in person. When you are here, awareness fully opens to your truer senses, to your personal energies, to them and their energies. Raising your vibrations to radiate, resonate as you intentionally choose to Masterfully live your fuller potentialities with new abilities and capabilities.

At first they seem like ‘feelings’, yet as you delve deeper into this practice you will be able to describe and name the nuances opening into New Energies as communication. It’s opportunity to remember, to know yourSelf, and what a great way to learn than from the experts – Horse!

I’ll lead, guiding you over and around the rocky outcropping, across the shifting sands – beyond the old human foundation. The stepping stones are words that prompt; the rope that leads as WindHorse gently nudges you forward. Supporting you, sharing their cleansing transformative and transcending energies as the windows must be cleared. Meaning, fear and doubt produced from the limitations of an out dated human conditioning only smear the glass that clouds the window to the clarity of your Soul.

Depending on the energies within the moment and what I translate from Horse to Human is what guides. There is no format, it is not a linear time path, only a flow, a circular movement onto a multidimensionality spiraling path.

Experience this for yourself, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can step beyond your personal gates into the amazing energies that the WindHorse Family offer you to receive – Filled with expansion, transformation and transcending that are, at times ineffable to express.

Initiation Journey Session

Initiation Journey Sessions are for those who haven’t yet experienced the profound transformations that takes place through partnering with Vicki & The WindHorse Family. It is the first place to start and experience, for yourself, transformation at it’s finest.

Single Journey Sessions

These are for all that have experienced Initiation Journey Experience with the WindHorse Family.  Single Journey Experiences are offerings for you to continue to receive and expand into your fuller potentiality in a new profound way.