Are you having Cellular Clearing House Symptoms? The New Earth Energies are rockin’ and rollin’? And yes, shaking us up from the core.  So exciting as they are moving us through a fiery Heart with a Love that is transforming every cell. A cellular clearing house!

Energies work in waves, there is always a buildup, peak and release. Our physical bodies are effected because our cells, each it’s own little universe that is laced with how we have defined ourselves though our conditioning and limited perceptions of our experiences.

Many people have been asking me why they feel so dragged out, fatigued and angry among other symptoms.

Here’s my short answer… Well, sorta…

The energies of the 5d are bringing up hidden things (unconscious human fears) to the surface to deal with, a cleansing that is taking place. Denser or lower energies that have accumulated are needed to be cleansed and replaced with Lighter frequencies as we each are bringing forth our Light Body or Spirit Body to live in Human form.

I know, I went through similar experiences that seemed to last for months. Perhaps since March, peaking in August with symptoms of:

  • Fatigue or exhaustion.
  • Breathing issues.
  • Headaches or blurred vision.
  • Lack of sleep and paranormal events.
  • Dizziness and a feeling of falling over has also been occurring off and on.
  • Loud ear ringing and hunger issues, either not hungry or overly hungry.
  • Also mood changes taking place.

What you can do first and foremost; don’t go into judgment, that’s a sticky place, and/or comparison and blame it only leads to fear dropping you into the soup of victimland. In case you missed the ritual I posted to help with Judgments, you can read it Here.

Remember to ground. Use your breath, it’s the Great Connector and  do this often. This will help you moving and living in the Now Flow.

Here’s a little mantra my WindHorse Tribal Herd suggested that may help you too… Consciously relax into, I am allowing, I am receiving, I am accepting, I release….

You might also be experiencing, intense body heat radiating from the inside out. I found this to be very frustrating as I live on the amazing Sonora Desert that become mixed with the heat of the summer months. Then I thought of a cartoon, The Fantastic 4. Giggling I would flame on with intention of relaxing into the resistance and allow the burning off of old pain residue held within the stains and scars.

If you’re feeling the inside heat, drink plenty of water, and if needed, electrolytes are helpful, perhaps emergen-C in the little packet, your cells will love you for it.

Sleeping patterns off? Epson salts bath before bed. Epson salts help pull out the lactic acids built up within the cells.

We are all experiencing this process, at different times, with different experiences. A transformation and transmutation through waves of energies that are disrupting what needs to be disrupted, guiding you into an upgraded version of you.

Mostly what you can do is cultivate compassion for yourself FIRST. Choose to align with the energy of compassion, feel it, breathe it, exhale it, repeat…

And ask for help too. You have not walked this path before, none of us have, it’s new and we are creating it with each step.

Invoke the element of Love, the energy that holds no conditions, no judgments, no duality. Your Love. The Love wanting to come to and through your Heart, transforming every cell. A Love you decided, long ago to bring from your Home, here to the New Earth.

We are all in this together, we are All ONE. It can be no other way. I  honor you, for riding the waves with me. What an adventure it continues to be!