Wave upon wave the energies crash to the shore and with each wave a little sand is taken, eroded away exposing a new landscape.

A little metaphor of life, Soul, spirit, bodies, cells and the hardened concrete of what the mind wants to hold on to.

For some the pain and fear roars from the deepest of depths and from the ebb and flow with grace and ease. All exposing what is beneath. Asking us to expand consciously, to choose consciousness, to feel and allow. To get out of our own way. And we are. I am and you are. Each and everyone in our own unique way and in our own timing.

And we as humans continue our journeys, becoming what has never been before. Human and Divine/Soul. Together again. No longer separate, no longer alone.

A Gift in honor of this Piscean month and the Spring Equinox

It’s a journey meditation, a cleansing for renewal gifted to me by my wise WindHorse Herd. Yes, sometimes disguised as Sea Horses and what I love to call them, Dolphins of the Desert. They are always there for me when I need shelter from my storms. They are my partners, they have my back and my heart, guiding me and waiting for me, always celebrating with me when I emerge.

I feel blessed that this was chosen and was published becoming a number one bestseller book called 365 Ways of Grace. Enjoy…

The Lady of the Lake – Journey into Renewal

What a challenging day, I felt run down with murky toxic emotional energies and thoughts running a-muck within me. Somedays are like that, right?

Closing my eyes, allowing my tears to fall, precious gems to heal and expand my golden heart – I began to breathe, opening, embracing, stilling myself within the moment.

It was then, within my heart appeared a crystal clear lake inviting me to dive in.

Why not? Intrigued – I stepped in. I welcomed the coolness encompassing my feet while I gazed into the clear water, becoming aware that I was standing on smooth soft crystals.

Moving further in, up to my waist now, feeling my breath quickening, I noticed the water was at my chest.

Taking a deep breath, holding it — I plunged in, diving down, deeper and deeper I swam.

“Breathe!” — Wait! What? — Who said that? And how can I breathe in water? I’m not a fish!

“The water is alive, Living Crystal Waters… Breathe!” Came a voice singing through me.

Trusting, I began breathing, slowly at first, then more fully. Life Energy refreshing and filling every nook and cranny of my beingness; cleansing, re-connecting and re-igniting my inner beauty, lifting me up.

I felt freer, calm, with crystal clear clarity gliding through me. Without realizing it, I discovered I was at the other end of this magical lake. My feet touching the bottom, I slowly emerged from the lake.

Standing gently on the soft firm shore with the Sun warming me, and illuminating the droplets of water dripping down from me, glistening like liquid honey and absorbed throughout my body.

I felt something different about myself, transformed, a new Self-image arose, just as a new Sun rises everyday.

Renewed with the beauty of Soul’s Love and Life’s Joy bursting within me, I began expanding this sense of inner beauty… Outward.

Like a light house with a focused beam turning slowly, shining my light, I realized I had become one with the Living Crystal Waters, emerging as “The Lady of the Lake” –Empowered, beautiful, grateful, moving with elegance, Soul-filled with mystery and grace.

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