Pull away from conditioning thru a simple act; to be aware that you are aware.Saturday, September 25, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Az
It’s Not Your Stuff!
A Personal Journey into the sense of Freedom!
What’s yours? What’s not?

Experience the cleansing energies Horse offers within Nature as you connect and communicate
 yourself differently!

Contracting, shutting ourselves down in order to protect ourselves from within the old energetic framework of “Feeling too much’ or ‘Being to Emotional.” And all got thrown in the same bucket causing symptoms of anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion and for some depression.

Letting go of others emotions and cleaning out our own unprocessed emotions, is crucial, and the first step into truly understanding your ability to consciously Choose -vs- Programing.

Join us in a Delightful Effective Heart Expanding, One of a kind Adventure!
Experience a Personalized One-on-One Journey Partnering with Horse Consciousness!
Guided steps that open gateways to create a new foundation and expand beyond  ‘What’s not yours!”

One day, small intimate playful group gathering with uniquely designed experiences for individual attention as well as the co-creative energies of the group gathered.

  • How you can playfully navigate, manage and elevate your own energies.
  • Sorting ‘What is a emotion and What is a feeling?’ – where they originate and how they affect thinking and physical symptoms.
  • Clarity to discern, stop ‘reprocessing’ while shedding old denser energetic emotions and thoughts.
  • Dissolving energies that no longer serves you; worry, doubt, fear and pain.
  • Creating new uplifting energy pathways as communication – steps into accessing Heart & Higher Mind.
Time: 9:30 – 4 pm Fee: $225 
Registration – Driving Directions – What to Bring
email: Vicki@VickiTalvi-Cole.com
Ending the Battles of Duality & Separation
A Partnership with WindHorse
Saturday, October 23, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Marana Az