We are now in the midst of some powerful transitions as disintegrating and integrating is taking place, and all at the same time. This is causing turbulence and discomfort in your Ocean of Life. The physical, mental and emotional bodies.

The new energies are and will continue flowing, assisting to clean us out and clear us up all the way down into our true natural core. No one is immune to these amazing times.

The higher frequencies of light, are coming through our Physical Body via our central channel, flowing into our nervous system, accessing deep into our cellular metric. Here it activates our DNA creating new forms and new patterns. Now that’s exciting!

Simple analogy of what is taking place and stirring things up inside of us, assisting us to go beyond.

Imagine a glass of water, clear and clean water…

  • Now imagine throwing handfuls of dirt (all the experiences from all your lives and bodies) into this glass of water. Observe how the dirt swirls and settles to the bottom.
  • Notice that you are no longer able to see the bottom of the glass. Thick layers of dirt settles at the bottom, absorbing the water, a sorta mud barrier filling the glass. Even the light in the center of the glass is obscured.
  • Now, imagine a faucet with droplets of water entering the glass. Then the droplets begin creating a drizzle, then the drizzle turning into a stream.
  • Your faucet is now flowing in a continuous stream, more and more water entering the glass. (Unless of course you have your thumb over the faucet, might want to remove that.)
  • Observe that what’s in your glass begins to move, spiraling and swirling with particles bumping into another. The water, it becomes cloudy, stormy, appearing to be out of control.
  • Keep your faucet flowing. Relax, allow, breathe, release.
  • Observe now what is taking place within your glass.

At some point, the glass – You – will flow effortlessly with clearer new perceptions. Oh, and the bubbles, how I love the bubbles!

Yes, everything is in flux and flow as the shifts and changes are being activated deep within the Consciousness of All on Earth.

With these frequencies and integration, it is good to remember that not everyone is at the same level of consciousness, or on the same Journey as you. Remember to have compassion for your self and others, that you are integrating, transmitting and anchoring the light of the new energies wherever you are.

Enjoy the ride my friend, what an experience, what an adventure that we are all on – together!