Initiation Journey Experience

We’ve all felt it, you know that feeling of spinning our wheels or being stalled, sitting in a chair, sprawled out on a couch, exhausted reprocessing

Initiation Journey provides you with introductions and the lay of the your land, so to speak. A journey experience that will astound you in a new profound way as the WindHorse Family offers you experiences to step up, out and beyond the old rutted conditioning of the human framework without emotional reprocessing.

This style of experiential learning, healing, combined with simple teachings inviting introspection that Opens New Pathways of Communication into deeper/higher self awareness.  You’re guided, step by step to enter into a sense of spacious timelessness; lifting, expanding, weaving new light-filled paths that unfurl into a flowing beautiful tapestry of your life experiences that will astound you in a new profound way.

In a sense it’s a meet and greet, it’s like connecting the dots, a gathering of you. I’ll guide you though the process, making the introductions with the different parts of yourSelves allowing you to know yourSelf that brings:

  • Awareness with understandings that awaken transformation, restoring your unique Truer Natural Identity.
  • Creates a new kinder peaceful relationship within yourself in a different way.
  • Stirrings within, discovering of your truer senses that communicate more than words.

The WindHorse Family will be nudging, sharing their mastery offering reflective, cleansing energies as the exterior coding dissolves away the soft shell around the edge of your aura and you are shown how to allow other energies to exchange.

The conception of this is ‘feelings’, yet as you delve deeper into this style of experiencing, you will be able to describe and name the nuances of energies that lead to the new, more telempathic and other sentient modalities of communication.

One and one half hour – Initiation Journey Experience

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Add aside of Sol Star Touch

Light touch for deeper cellular clearing that Bridges your Soul with your Cells providing integration within your energy bodies, assisting lighter connections and nurturance that opens and expands New Pathways of Communication.

Before a session – Assists the process as a way to set the brain up for the transformation that takes place with Partnering with WindHorse experience.


After a session – Assists with keeping your new pathways open. Tune-ups that keeps the pathways for the new modalities of communication open and operating, as they tend to clog up, shut down and revert if not used.

30 minutes

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Single Journey Experiences