Welcome to HorseHealing Art Gallery

As a young child, I would lie on my back for hours gazing at the sky. I was fascinated with clouds; how they moved, and their evolving shapes ignited my imagination.

In 2010, when my odyssey with clay began, as a self-taught artist, I realized that the clay was unleashing a passion held dormant within my creative spirit.

My higher consciousness guides me to create in the moment. I ask for inspiration. I may receive an image from my dream state, or my relationship with Nature and the Animal Kingdom. The vision comes to and through me. My hands then begin to move, the clay forming different shapes, as various sensations, emotions and feelings are expressed through my body and out my hands.

From this creative spirit, a joy arises and my imagination soars as a giggle emerges from within me, just like when I would watch the clouds moving by.

All pieces are unique one of a kind, imbued with spirit, intuitively hand sculpted, kiln fired and cold glazed (which means I hand paint them).

For purchasing, please contact me:
by phone: 520-682-4447
by email HERE.

Interested in a piece that has sold?
Let me create your one of a kind piece just for you!

I am currently working on several custom sculptures. To commission a unique sculpture, please feel free to CONTACT me with your questions, queries, suggestion or musings.

*Please note due to the uniqueness of each sculpture, shipping and handling rates vary in price.
You will be invoiced through Paypal.