Group Gatherings in Natures Playground

Organic and delicious intensive, small intimate gatherings, offerings going beyond human limitations into consciously cultivating from your heart a new relationship with yourself.  Each are uniquely designed experiences for individual attention as well as the co-creative energies of the group gathered.

Please note that the topic or titles are a limited human idea of what it will fully transpire into when you arrive as the energies come together and expand.

It’s Not Your Stuff!
A Personal Journey into the sense of  Freedom!
What’s Yours? What’s Not!

Exploration experiencing the cleansing energies of Horse and Nature as you connect and communicate within yourself differently!

Saturday, September 25, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Az
End the Battles of
Duality & Separation

Opportunity to experience for yourself New uplifting pathways opening within and around you!  To be gently guided to step up and out of the Old Energy of duality into the New Expanding Energies with Horse at your side, nudging you into your expanded Truer Natural Identity.

Saturday, October 23, 2021
WindHorse Ranch
Releasing the Armor
You can’t take it with you.
The only way around It, is through it…

Exploration and guidance to experiencing harmony, peacefulness within your Heart. An invitation into Horse consciousness, feeling the cleansing energies, assisting you to realize that the beauty that is around you, is YOU! Celebrating that nothing outside of you is holding you back anymore!

Saturday, November 13, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Marana Az