“With wars, no battle is ever won and no surrender ever takes place, there are never any winners, there are never any losers” – Peaches
Saturday, October 23, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Marana Az
Ending the Battles of Duality & Separation
A Partnership with WindHorse

This experience guides you to, through and beyond the mind maze filled with looping thoughts, beliefs, patterns of ‘trying to figuring it out’. It opens gateways into the enrichment and delights of being Spirit in Human form. It ignites your ability to consciously engage; embracing yourself giving yourself permission to release, drop the swords, and yes, the hidden insurance policy – the little knife at your side!

You’re invited to experience and discover your Spacious Freedom as we journey within your Heart, unraveling and ending the battles with confidence and commitment, celebrating, honoring your sacred unique Path and Soul Journey.

• Stop working, efforting, trying so hard! – Realize that you can make a difference as you go beyond force, push, pull, control.
• Access the ’Compassion’ the grace, with ease of ‘Allowing and Living the And’.
• Lift perceptions that you rise that dissolves the old files
• Transcend limited focus, shift, lift and rise into your Natural Transcendence Beingness
• Open into New awarenesses, a place where even the old battles, the words and energies of drama, struggle, and lack become obsolete and no longer exist.

Time: 9:30 – 4 pm Fee: $225
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email: Vicki@VickiTalvi-Cole.com


Releasing the Armor
Experience the beauty that is around you, that is YOU!
Saturday, November 13, 2021
WindHorse Ranch, Marana Az