It has been a whopper of change in seemingly a short amount of time, right? More is on the way. Have you felt it? A sense that something is different and yet, there inside, somewhere is a scrambling to hold on and another to let go? All at the same time?

We all want change, but when change comes so does fear. Mind fear, unconscious human fear.

What a circus. And to think I bought a ticket so long ago. And if your reading this, you did too!

Reflecting back on walking through the final weeks of last year, I tune into the feelings that I was being ripped from limb to limb at times and my heart cracking like an egg. Yep, jagged on the edges at times and filled with a new sense of love, the love of Soul.

Stepping out of duality. The end of the end. Scoured out and into seeing every part of selves (aspects), welcoming them home with full acceptance and integration of those parts that were not fully illuminated.

Now a deep knowingness arises…  kicking off the old shoes… it’s time to walk on… to move beyond the beyond… into a whole new way of relating to self, others and to life on earth.

What holds the old shoe in place?
Holy crap batman! The mental/body distractions seem to jockey for position. The mind chatter trap. Small perceptions of experiences that get projected out creating life again and again!

It’s intense as the mind has no understanding of what was/is taking place at such a deep, unknowable level within. After all, the mind limits, wanting everything in compartments, pretty wrappers and to hold on to all its old patterns, programs and conditions. Wanting to know, to be safe, to be in control, fearful to be or not to be…

And all the locked in unexpressed energies of e-motions that lead right back to the mental. Ring around the rosie…

Soulful Wisdom
It was my wise mare who came forward during an experience. She reminded and guided me into the part of of me that Knows exactly how to live in this hologram of life, as love, with choice. And, most importantly that the last 5% is/was the toughest to get through.

Yes, I choose and was chosen to experience many rides! And guess what?

I’m still here!

Is it time for you to walk on? It is time for you to celebrate you, all of you’s? And to live as spirit first, human second.

I invite you to join me and experience True Change that brings Freedom – Joy – Passion… Kick your old shoes off. Become inspired and receive clarity for your ability to stop re-creating what Was and create a new what Is.

It’s great timing to:
•    Put on a new pair of shoes and shift into new perceptions that lift projections that create your reality.
•    Allow, integrate, welcome aspects of you home. They’ve been waiting for you.
•    Experience conscious expansion, connect with your true natural essence; integrate with your love of soul essence that gathers wisdom, feeding it back to you.

I am here. Contact me for your personalized session with the amazing WindHorse Family, one to one Hands on Cellular Clearing, or by phone.

All sessions offers you to experience yourself and integrate energies, Bridging your Soul with your Cell(ves), beyond words and in-between worlds.