Earlier today I took this picture of a Hawk that appeared as I was soaking in stillness, enjoying my herd’s energies and rhythmic munching sounds… my awareness expanded to the Hawk as it landed on a tall poll in my arena… soon to be followed by hearing 2 squawking Ravens.

The Ravens loud cawing sounds drew my attention, noticing that they where circling and dive bombing the Hawk.

And the Hawk was having no reaction to them, none, nota, zero. This magnificent winged one continued to prune, fluff it’s feathers, even stretched out a wing or two as the Ravens continued to swoop and squawk at it.

Of course I couldn’t help but reflect on how perfectly nature is mirroring my own inner landscape… a clear sign reminding me to stay within my light in the midst of chaos as we all move into the new, next phase, the introductory phase, a new level of creation.

What appeared to be chaos outside of the Hawk, this feathery friend stood centered within it’s sovereignty, an amazing reminder that we are the beloved divine humans and carry the same ability.

It was also no surprise that the pictures I took of the Ravens doing their jostling distractions towards the Hawk did not turn out. I actually laughed with deep wisdom bubbling up from my heart…

Invisible energies effect us – energies connected to family and other peoples dramas, world issues and our own stuck perceptions from aspects or versions of selves can be major distractions… causing distortion and feeling stuck within our abilities to consciously create while living in harmony, fully in alignment with our own natural essence.

We cannot always see them jockeying for position, but they are there, I’m sure you’ve felt them, ready to pull you or perhaps have already infiltrated your sacred space. Energies filled with fear based conditioning or brainwashing to conform and that everything is outside; driving you away from your deeper connection that resides and awaits inside.

The challenge and the beauty is connecting within, relaxing, allowing – while knowing that all the remaining falsity will continue to be brought up to be accepted and released just as the Ravens reflected with their swooping and diving distractions towards the Hawk.

The grand Hawk reflected elegantly our personal ability to live as a sovereign being, that there is nothing to battle outside or mostly, within ourselves as we travel our sojourn journey.

With grace and ease remember that you are the point of perception in your life(ves),  put ‘Your’ oxygen mask on first. Create time to consciously connect within. Often.

Let ‘You’ come to you as a gentle breeze. Allow yourself to feel the connection within you. Breath it. Be open to all the possibilities as the density, distortions and distractions fall away – just as the Ravens disappeared from the picture and the Hawk lifted off and soared.

Energy Navigation Tip:
We have moved into 5-D. How exciting, multi-dimensional shifting and energies have been prompting intense change. And you know what that means… more light will continue to come onto the planet and into you, raising consciousness and clearing out also, I understand it can be challenging, remember that:

When you feel your energies speeding up – slow down.
When you feel your energies slowing down – speed  up.
Ground often.

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