What clients have to say …

There are no better words than from those who have benefited and changed their life experience from a session with HorseHealing Gateway.

Around the Barn…

Rich and Liberating
I always love my playdates with Vicki, even when I think I don’t! And the treasure hunts revealing hidden gold, well, I wouldn’t miss them for anything! I’m still unpacking the loot from our last adventure—so rich and liberating! ~ BC

Affirming and Powerful
“Vicki, how can I thank you for such a transformative, affirming, powerful experience. The combination of your intuitiveness and the WindHorse intuitiveness is unbelievable. In retrospect it’s clear to me that the intuitive work of both of you started well before I arrived, even as I was getting dressed in the morning.

My astonishment started when I entered into the sacred space with you and horse, and you prompted me, and I heard myself blurting out deeper issues than I had “planned” to address within my first 30 seconds of entering. Then the immediate response of the horse–so direct, on-target, and cleansing was nothing short of miraculous. This experience moved my understanding of who I really am to a whole new level. With deep deep honor, blessings, and GRATITUDE to you and your WindHorse Healing Herd Family.” ~ MM

Life Altering
“I’ve returned home after a magnificent, life-altering adventure with Vicki and her horses. I’m sitting here realizing that I’m finally exhaling. Not from the time spent at WindHorse, but for many years of misperceiving who I am, what I believed about myself and what I believed others thought of me – I am free.

“Vicki’s guidance and deep intuitive insights combined with her WindHorse Family brought loving light and clarity, penetrating the complex stories, disbanding the shadows that hid my vulnerabilities. I heard the kindness,love in my own voice, and was able to consciously shift what I believed and say about myself, and how I express my ideas to the outer world.

My life has never been richer. Vicki’s gifts are healing for everyone, no matter where you are in your life.” ~ BD

Guiding with Humor and Honesty
“Vicki, I am not exactly sure how you and the horse did it, but I am awestruck by the accuracy and the shifting that happened so quickly. It was just amazing to experience how the horse responded to me. The Horse’s insights are incredible, Vicki, your intuitive gifts and guidance is invaluable!

She is confident and insightful, and her willingness to dive deeper tested my own boundaries.

Vicki carries a gentle approach ~ velvet glove and two-by-four. A fine art. I felt her guiding me with humor and honesty so I could see what causes me to become overwhelmed in pain andconfusion. Her communication is clear and her enthusiastic joy and passion is contagious.I am grateful for Vicki reflecting love and compassion so I can see that it was only me standing in my own way. I feel so good, thank you, I like my life again. Can’t wait to partner with you and your WindHorse Family again and see what will happen next!” ~ SP.

Expanded Clarity
“A big thanks to Vicki and her WindHorses, first and foremost, as they helped me see my stuff, maybe for the first time, maybe for the fifth time. You and your horses work together beautifully, pointing out areas I have have not been aware of.

Vicki’s take on certain “issues” and the root thereof is a little out of my mainstream ideas and I liked that. It gave me a different way to look at them with an expanded clarity. Vicki, your ability to ask the deeper questions or phrasing it differently is remarkable.” ~ RB

Light Spirit Sparked
“I have had one session with Vicki and her WindHorse healing family, it was so powerful and amazing! I have never experienced such rapid progression away from the sobbing mess I was when I arrived, to the happy, dry-eyed light spirit I was when I left.
I am an engineer and very pragmatic, so it is difficult for me to connect to others or receive from them. It didn’t matter though, Vicki and her horses are skilled healers and teachers, they broke through my resistance and I was able to release myself of the burden I was carrying.
I am not exactly sure how they did it, but my spirit was so light when I left. I really was crying all the time before, and it was embarrassing. I would be sitting in my cube and start to cry, and I would cry all the way home, and cry while I was with my own horse.
Since the session with Vicki, those overwhelming, uncontrollable emotions have not returned. I desire greatly to return as I continue my healing journey that was sparked that day, finally I can change my situation. Before I was stuck in indecision and inactivity, but Vicki and her horse got me unstuck and I am able to start to solve some of my problems.
I will have another session, but in the interim I am bringing my daughter to her. Vicki is a very effective, compassionate, skilled healer and this technique she provides with her horses is very healing, intense and powerful. It’s incredible. I highly recommend!” ~ CP

Cellular Clearing…

In Humble Gratitude
“If you are feeling small, disrespected, not heard, not seen, not loved, not in control of your own life and just plain tired of the “same old stuff” I recommend Vicki. Simply put, this is a process that Vicki can guide you through like no other I have ever worked with. In one session I have run through a gamut of emotions, thoughts and visions. No matter what the divine Vicki is mirroring, in the end I come out alive (really alive) and usually laughing hysterically. You may not like it at times but if you are tired of your old vibration and ready to step into your light and truly continue on your divine path then she is right there with and for you. I am in humble gratitude to Vicki.” ~ IF

Real Relief and Healing
I was struggling with migraines and a friend told me about Vicki. I really believe because of the clearing sessions with Vicki I was able to stop taking medication. It was challenging work at times, but very rewarding.

Vicki, your insights, deep understanding and knowledge that a symptom is just the external discomfort at the surface level, was a bit hard to swallow at first. Then you took me beyond the symptoms to where the emotions were stuck.

Today I hear you say, “Going deeper is where the real relief and healing occurs.” I am grateful to you Vicki, for your understanding and compassion, I feel I don’t have to explain things that may seem bizarre to others. ~ SO

My worries, doubts and fears disappear
“When I feel rusted and need a little oil to get things moving again it is you, Vicki, that I call for my tune up.  My worries, doubts and fears disappear as I feel heard and understood.
I leave feeling clearly recharged, grounded in my body and re-focused on what is truly important to me. And the best part is my ability to sleep better.” ~ AB

A Courageous and Confident Guide
“Having experienced a debilitating depression for several months, I contacted Vicki based on a visit to her website.  From the first time we spoke I was aware that she was talking with the part of me that is powerful and makes decisions.  Rather than being the least bit daunted by my depressed state, she assured me that, with my willingness, I could break through, the symptoms causing my painful state, and that even after three sessions it was possible to feel great relief.  I wondered, but I trusted.

I now know that I was making the most difficult journey over the chasm between the ego and the soul. It is clear that Vicki knows the territory and is a courageous, confident guide. After two hands on clearing sessions with her and then experiencing Vicki’s guidance with one of her incredible horses, I had direct experience with my Higher Self in a life-changing, empowering way that cut through self-doubt and negative self-talk.

I realized that the horse was a spotless mirror and assisted me in revealing my True Self.  Weeks later, I am still in awe of the realization, and more awareness continues to unfold.

I am deeply grateful to Vicki for her humility, integrity, and commitment to living in Wholeness.” ~ CF

Grateful for Vicki’s Guidance
‘When Vicki works with and on me I feel such a deep shift, a clearing from way in between my bones and muscles, and then comes the light filled with joy that makes it all worthwhile. I am so grateful for Vicki’s guidance that turns my past into my future!’ ~ MR

You Created a Place Without Limits
“When I came to first see Vicki, I was struggling with physical issues with emotional components. I arrived hoping the thoughts and emotions stored in my body would be reduced and then released. “I received so much more. Smiles – surprises – good emotional releases – beliefs that stifled me where recognized and cleared. With Vicki’s guidance many more spiritual touchstones than I had anticipated unwound my limiting story and freed my body, mind and Spirit.  “Vicki, you created a space for me with unwavering Truth and Compassion. A place without limits, to be free to do and experience.” ~ KB

The Peace I was Looking For
“Being riddled with anxiety for years I felt stuck and believing that I couldn’t do things. I avoided situations, I would make excuses. Vicki, you are so good at getting me out of my head and into my heart and body. You gently challenge me to open and see and feel things differently”.

“While working with you Vicki, I feel a tremendous amount of energy in my body, in the space that translates on the table into calm, relaxation, rest. This is the peace I was looking for, I am now finding outside of the sessions.And that’s a huge benefit.” ~ JR

Joy I had not felt in decades
“I am fascinated by all of it.  The most important aspect for me in working with Vicki was she was able to challenge me in areas where I was stuck, areas where I was unwilling to look.  At times, I found this to be very painful, but once I faced my pain, there was joy, joy which I had not felt in decades.” ~ SO

Group Gatherings…

Healing and Powerful
“I arrived hoping to get in touch with specific blocks I’ve been keeping hidden from myself. I received more than what I was hoping for. At first I was overwhelmed with the information given from the horses. Vicki, your guidance and honesty helped me see and feel the pain, that caused me overwhelm. Thank you Vicki for your intuitive insights, and clear communication are very effective, I never felt rushed by you or the group. Only felt you gently guiding me to and through the place within where I had perfected avoidance, into embracing my own beauty!

Vicki and her WindHorse Family really helped move me out of areas I have been stuck in for a very long time. Thank you for allowing me to feel freer. Your work is very healing, powerful with intense passion. It’s incredible. I highly recommend this work to those wanting a life changing breakthrough!” ~ KM

I Have Never Experienced Such Growth
“I have never experienced such growth in a workshop! Vicki, you have creative ideas and ways to bring the group together along with individual work. Being with the group was amazing. I was able to see and witness how differently each horse responded with each person. Same horse, different person, different actions and behaviors. The gathering became just that, a group, welcoming me to be a part of the circle, witnessing my process and providing loving, compassionate feedback. The only judgment I felt is my own, one of those “issues” I’ve carried for a long, long time. So thank you for reflecting your love so I can see who the judge really is and where that mean voice comes from! Vicki, you guided each of us skillfully to open to our own amazing amount of gifts, talents and wisdom to be shared, all differently and none of us are wrong. Weave on! It makes for a very beautiful tapestry!” ~ KK

You Pulled the Best in All of Us Out
“On my drive to the group gathering class I was thinking about acceptance. It has always been challenging for me to connect with others and have felt disconnected. Wanting to really connect and afraid, not even sure why. Vicki, thank you for your joyous guidance, courage and laughter.  You didn’t beat around the bush, but made it easy for me to see a “ME” that was there all along!

Working with you, Vicki and your WindHorses made it easy for me to realize it was really me who I was afraid to accept and connect with. So spot on, that was really fabulous! I laughed, I cried spilling love for myself out of my heart! Thank you Vicki, you pulled the best in all of us out! You have touched my life deeply.” ~ CC

Float the River of Your Soul…

You will Thank Yourself
“Vicki Talvi-Cole’s ebook, Float the River of Your Soul, is a sweet story, a kick in the behind, and the answer to a prayer all in one. She writes in conversational style with easy to understand ‘course corrections.’ Vicki is a healer, teacher, and guide extraordinaire. Tip: Once you’ve read the book, call her to take the next steps. You will thank yourself later.” ~ EH

Clarity and Support
“Vicki brings such a rich and vibrant message to help bring clarity, support, and change in my life.  I find myself using her messages in this book to guide me through the day-to-day life events.  You won’t be disappointed to have her assist you on your life journey…wherever your river leads you!” ~ GL

I am Thrilled
“I sought Vicki out when I realized I felt nothing after I found out my mother was dying. Through Vicki’s healing gifts and soul work, she has guided me to reach deep, to feel into my heart and I found me. I am so thrilled for others to have access to her work with the tools to take action through this ebook, Float the River of Your Soul.” ~ SS