I understand so many people feel that feeling of either being stuck or not knowing what to do next. Perhaps for you it’s a feeling that there’s just something more and not sure what it is or you’ve already created something but then don’t know what to do next.

Thoughts and emotions of perceived stuckness effects everyone, even me at one time or another. We are all be-coming, all a-wakening and this process is taking place and is never ending. It is challenging and beautiful, enlightening even when we have tools that assists us to grow and expand. We can still have feeling of not knowing whats next.

Much of my growth comes through experiences within the Nature Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. Mostly I sense my life as a metaphor. I am grateful for this innate gift, it lightens up the heavy waves that, well, steals the joy and adventure out of living life; the clarity from within.

Nothing in or on our journey is written in stone. Although it does feel like it sometime. We are all unique, always changing just as nature and the other animals are also. Expanding, growing, evolving. The challenge and the beauty is allowing; to get out of our own way.

Here’s a sharing, a little tale to lighten up on yourself, a metaphor that perhaps may help you. A realization of self, pesky aspects and a reminder that 95% of your emotions and thoughts are not even yours.

Where I live we have little round tail ground squirrels, they are so cute, very acrobatic and amusing to observe.

We also have a chicken-coop and within this coop is a large chicken mansion. It is all wrapped in chicken wire and also smaller wire to keep critters out and ‘protect” the chickens and keep them ‘safe’.

Within this area live 2 lovely ladies, Beatrice and Gladis.

I love and feel joy filled feeding them, listening to them cackle and cluck, pecking, scratching at the ground and of course, chatting with them.

Until one morning I discovered that something was digging along the outside of the ladies safe haven. That’s when my joy left.

No longer listening and feeling into the energies of the moment, or to the ladies. I instead found myself on a mission – to stop what was trying to get in.


What was cute little squirrels became my irritant. Feelings of frustration began to rise and continued to build within me. So, of course, I devised a “plan.”

I became determined to block ALL the ways they were getting in. I was pretty creative at it, only to discover the next day the squirrels, also being very creative had created a different way to get in. Little buggers!

My life became wrapped up in keeping the squirrels out!

This went on for awhile. Can’t really say how long, perhaps a day, perhaps an eternity as time has become fluid. What did matter is that I came to the realization that I was allowing these critters to distract me and that kept me stuck and disconnected from my adventurous natural joyous curious nature.

Yes, I was chasing Squirrels and the Squirrels were also chasing me…

I laughed at myself out loud, sensing an image of me all armored up going off to battle and defend the chickens, to ensure their safety from the squirrels of course. Yes, me, the great chicken defender!

The laughter got louder as I got clearer and clearer within this awareness. That’s when I heard myself deciding to just stop engaging with the squirrels.

This was an experience of the Now, and even that word is so over used, simply put – It is All Here. And the mind cannot possibly understand the Now, because the the Now just left. What?  Did you feel/sense the subtly? Something within your own head cavity or somewhere else in the body? Great because the mind/mental/ego (mme) tries to hold on to the Now, but it cannot. And clarity comes from connection with essence. Your Soul essence.

When my clarity fully returned it did not come from my head. It came from me being open, receptive and accepting of myself, fully, letting go of any and all outcomes.  This allowed a deeper understanding and wisdom to emerge – that no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did to ensure “safety” this was going to continue. I would be chasing squirrels and squirrels would be chasing me.

That’s when I stopped – the frustration, the mission, the need for protection dissolved.

And the next time I went out to visit with the ladies? There was no sign of squirrels.

Celebration was at hand! I was thrilled!

I realized that All energies are neutral and are in service to me, it is only me who was putting the spin on them with my old programing, definitions, aspects and perceptions that kept my armor in place, kept the “mission” going and that there was really no mission at all. Only nature doing what nature does, assists me in my growth, my Soul Journey.

Yes, the little squirrels stopped. And yet, the cosmic joke was on me…

The next morning little tweety birds arrived – they were stuck inside the chicken coop!

Yes, there is always more. We are never done. We are always be-coming, a-wakening, expanding, growing, evolving and we are always creating aspects, it a natural process.

The gift – To remember that you choose how you want energies go to serve you. That there is no there. There is no future. There is no past. There is only Here. There is only Now filled with many potentials!

Have you discovered yourself chasing squirrels, or perhaps squirrels are chasing you?

If you feel guided to face and embrace your squirrels or discuss possibilities, sessions available that bring clear energies, inspire clarity and insights that tickle your Soul. By phone and in person.

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